I always think its interesting to hear about how small farming businesses came to be. It’s always the information I’m digging for and I find the journey to creating a business really quite fascinating. That being said, I realized I’ve never written down how Old Slate Farm came to be. As weird as it feels […]

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2010’s in Review

I’m so excited that spring is coming up next and we will once again be welcoming people to learn and retreat for a bit. 2019 was my first year offering workshops here. After traveling to teach at many different venues, I decided what I know is best shared where I feel the most comfortable: at […]

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Spring Workshops at the Farm

While it might seem untimely, as we are about 6-7 months away from seeing the flowers in this post, it’s an important time of year to begin sourcing seeds for your first round of sowing, for flowers that will be the first to bloom outside of your bulbs, perennials, and tunnel crops. Here, in our […]

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Early Summer Annuals from Seed

I am so happy that it’s finally time to unveil our new website to the world. This new space online feels like the best pair of boots – the ones you slip on every time you head out the door…the ones that keep your feet warm and dry, practical but still fashionable enough to head […]

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